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If you have any reference material, reports, plans etc that you would like to share, please share them withus.

Trans Canada Trail Blueway Guide (water trail) 2014 (8 MB)

Southern Ontario Trans Canada Trail condition and signage Assessment (42 MB)

Illustrated Technical Guide to the Accessibility Standard for the Design of Public Spaces.(77 MB)Link to website here.

Q&A Aboriginal Peoples and Trails(2.5 MB) This question and answer document discusses what trail building might mean for aboriginal communities.

Q&A Trail Builders and Aboriginal Engagement(1.5 MB)This question and answer document discusses why and how to engage aboriginal communities.

TCT Lesson Plans for Teachers.pdf (1.8 MB)
Ten TCT Lesson Plans for Junior teachers, handouts for students.

TrailReport2008.pdf (2.9 MB)
2008 Annual Report for Trans Canada Trail

This guide is designed to help leaders in these communities, these
Urban Transportation Show Case Program - case study in sustainable transportation and links to public health.
Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance document on using and creating trails for safe routes to schools.
Ontario Trails Council's Event Coordination Manual takes you through the steps to plan an event within a five month window.
Ontario Trails Council's manual for Trail Event planning.
User conflict solutions taken from "Conflicts on Multiple-Use Trails: Synthesis of the Literature and State of the Practice" sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration and the National Recreational Trails Advisory Committee (1994).
How land conservation helps communities grow smart and protect the bottom line (1999)
Oak Ridges Moraine Trail Maintenance Guidelines.
Management Plan for Rose Point Recreational Trail in Seguin Township (Parry Sound District) is a good example of such plans. Created by a committee of council, the plan covers all elements of trail maintenance, schedules, trail inspection requirements e...
trlstandard.pdf (104.9 KB)
Urban trail standards for multi-use trails from Colorado Springs. Concept of tiered trails (1,2 & 3)as spine, spurs and feeder trails.
Trail standards for the Green Infrastructure Plan for Saratoga County. Illustrates bike lanes, equestrian and natural paths.
Trail standards developed for Park-To-Park Trail by Ford & Associates. Simple diagrams of a multitude of different trail types and users.
Economic Impact of Trans Canada Trail Ontario Executive Summary 2004.
A Trains Magazine article on rails with trails in the US. 90 such trails exist with many more planned in the near future.
Guidelines and Best Practices for the Design, Construction and Maintenance of Sustainable Trails for All Ontarians.
Go-For-Green's fact sheet on trail liability and risk management for trails. Explanation on duty of care, risk assessment and current law.
Go-For-Green's fact sheet on trail liability and risk management for trails. Explanation on duty of care, risk assessment and current law.
Go-For-Green's fact sheet on the Economic Benefits of trails for a community.
Go-For-Green's fact sheet on the Environmental Benefits of trails in a community.
Go-For-Green's fact sheet on the Social Benefits of trails in a community
Conclusions about lessons learned in the development, construction and operation of 'rails with trails' so that railroad companies, trail developers and others can benefit from the history of trails in existence today.
TCT_RMC Report.pdf (596.1 KB)
Best practices for forming and revitalizing Regional Trail Committees in Ontario.